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This Website's Purpose is to Help You Pass the QLD Police Entrance Test.

G’day! My name is Luke and I built this website to help you better prepare to pass the QPSea. How? By offering you a range of full-size online practice tests with specific questions to the actual assessment.

Why Choose QLD Police Practice Tests?

Complete Online

Your choice to complete the exams online = instant results & the closest experience to the entrance exam or print a supplied PDF.

Specific Questions

To the entrance exam ie; types, number of questions, length etc = Ensures you practice on questions that are the same format as the entrance exam.

Specific Questions

All exams have the same level of difficulty as the Acer practice exams = helps you identify your strengths & weaknesses.

Explanations Included

For the numeracy skills & abstract reasoning sections = helps you work out answers to difficult questions.

Print Ready

All exams are also provided as ready-to-print PDF’s = if you prefer to practice with pen & paper.

Example Essay Responses

Included for all written assessment questions = provides you with examples on how to structure your essay responses.

Safe & Secure Payment

All payments are made through Paypal with either your Paypal account or credit/debit cards = quick & easy payment through a trusted provider.

Money Back Guarantee

I’m confident these exams can help with your preparations, but if you’re not happy for any reason, I offer a full refund = peace of mind.

Giving Back

10% of proceeds are being donated to the Fred Hollows Foundation = make a positive difference while you spend.

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I just want to thank you for the extra practice tests. I was able to not only pass, but score really well across the board. The extra tests that you provided just gave me that bit of confidence to take into the real deal. Cheers – Nick

How to Access the QLD Practice Exams?



Your choice of either a Combo Package (all  exams) or Individual exams below.


Secure Payment

Pay via Paypal. Direct debit, Visa & Mastercard options available. (Note, you don’t need a Paypal account).



Exams are sent via email within 5 mins upon successful payment (please check your spam or ‘All mail’ folder).


QLD POLICE Practice Tests

All tests have the same number of questions as the entrance assessment, the same difficulty as the Acer Police Practice Tests & can be completed online (mobile friendly) or printed off.


Combo Package

– 3x Abstract Reasoning (30 Qs per exam)
– 3x Numerical Skills* (30 Qs per exam)
– 3x Literacy Skills (30 Qs per exam)
– 3x Written Assessment Essays*
– 1x Digital Literacy (20 Qs)
– Plus Answers.
* Includes explanations / example essay responses

Individual QLD Police Practice Tests

Abstract Reasoning

– 3x Practice Exams
– 30 Questions Per Exam
– Includes Answers
– Sample Questions

Numeracy Skills

– 3x Practice Exams
– 30 Questions Per Exam
– Includes Answers & Explanations
– Sample Questions

Literacy Skills

– 3x Practice Exams
– 30 Questions Per Exam
– Includes Answers
– Sample Questions

Written Assessment

– 3x Practice Essays
– Includes Example Essay Responses

Digital Literacy

1x Practice Test
– Includes Answers

QLD Police Practice Test Website Main Logo

Money Back Guarantee​

I’m proud of these practice tests and am 100% confident they will help you with the Queensland Police Service Entrance Assessment. If you do not think these tests have helped you, even after you sit the QPSea send me an email and you’ll receive a full refund within 24 hours.

Take a Free Sample QLD Practice Test

Have a go at answering some sample questions from my QLD Police practice tests. Sample tests include answers, results, timer & explanations for abstract & numeracy. No sign up required.

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“Hey Luke, They helped me so much! Wouldn’t have passed the maths or abstract reasoning without them!” – Emma

Why I Created QLD Police Practice Tests?

My Results from the Victoria Police Entrance Test.

G’day, my name is Luke and I built this website to help candidates better prepare and pass the Queensland Police entrance exam. How? By offering extra Queensland Police Exam prep material.

By offering extra practice tests, it gives you the opportunity to first, build upon your strengths, secondly, identify and work on any weaknesses you may have and finally, to take the entrance exam with more confidence.

Who is this website for?

For any QLD applicant who wants extra practice so they can boost their score on the entrance exam.

As you know, the recruitment process is competitive where recruits are scored and ranked before entering the Merit Pool.

Passing is a must but even better, a higher exam result equals a higher ranking in the pool.

Extra Practice = Higher Score = Higher Placement = Start Your New Career Sooner.

Doing the best you can is important and that’s where the these practice exams can help.

Why did I create this website?

This website was created because of my experience with the entrance exam.

I actually applied into the Victoria Police and leading up to the exam, I downloaded the official Acer practice exam (which I recommend every recruit does). The problem was, Acer only supplies one practice exam and there aren’t many other options for suitable practice. There are loads of aptitude exams out there but they either;

a) Didn’t have similar questions, which isn’t useful or
b) Weren’t the same length, so it’s not possible to practice time management, which is important or
c) Too expensive.

I ended up scoring 85% on the entrance exam and as a result of my experience, I set out to help any recruit who was in a similar position; they wanted more practice exams that were high quality and for a fair price.

After creating a series of practice exams (which I don’t recommend anyone do!) that fixed the problems mentioned above, I built and started selling practice exams for the VictoriaFederalWA & NZ Police and also the NZ Defense Force.

Hundreds of applicants have since purchased the exams and I have received some really positive feedback about how useful they have been. One customer even mentioned how the VICPOL exams were ideal practice for the AFP Entrance Exam.

Cue light-bulb moment.

In 2020, Queensland Police changed the entrance exam provider to Acer, with the same practice exam questions as the AFP entrance exam. Hence why I created this website.

How the QLD practice tests can help you?

  • All questions are the same format and length as the official QPS entrance exam.
  • Trust is important and its hard to build it over a website. Therefore, I offer a full-refund if your not happy with the practice exams.
  • Giving back is also important so 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Whether you decide to purchase these exams or not, either way, all the best with your prep!


Tips - Queensland Police Exam Questions

Click on the Icons below for more in-depth info on how to answer questions from each section of the QLD Police entrance exam.


Stuck on a question, don’t know how to answer it or for any other enquiries, please drop me an email or fill out the form below and I’ll be happy to help. (Note: The link will open an email within your default email app.)